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You Must Understand And Know Your Skills And Concentrate Your Efforts On

You must understand and know your skills and concentrate your efforts on those areas of opportunity where these are most likely to make a contribution to solving a potential employer's problems. A potential employer has a problem A potential employer is interested in what you can do for him / her, not what you were or did.

He has a problem unique to himself. His vacancy exists because he is in a situation which he believes can only be resolved through employing someone capable of carrying out certain tasks. He sets the criteria.

Your aim must be to demonstrate your ability to satisfy his criteria, not to tell him / her the story of your life. He has enough problems of his own. Skills: Do you know what your skills are? If the honest answer is yes, then indeed you are fortunate.

Few people can. Those who genuinely try, soon recognise that they never will understand all their skills. Skills should not be confused with knowledge or techniques.

Skills are what enable us to use knowledge and techniques. Skills are those basic abilities loaned to us for use, development, and as a means to live.

Far Too Often We Confuse Ourselves By Believing That We Need Only

Far too often we confuse ourselves by believing that we need only increase our knowledge or learn another technique to improve our perfor

What You Do Easily And Usually Enjoy Doing Often Provides Clues To

What you do easily and usually enjoy doing often provides clues to your underlying skills and abilities. Once you understand and recognise these, you can develop the

As A Good Digital Marketing Man, You Know You Must Use Your

As a good digital marketing man, you know you must use your understanding of the communication spectrum if you are to influence the action, i.e receive a s