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Why Do I Make This Provocative Claim? Vocational Counsellors Are Not All-powerful,

Why do I make this provocative claim? Vocational counsellors are not all-powerful, neither can they learn everything about you, whatever techniques they may use. What they can do is to tell you that, based on the evidence which you have provided and their interpretation of various tests which they have given you, in their opinion you appear to have the following skills, which have been developed or underdeveloped to a lesser or greater degree: your personality seems to react in a particular way in specific types of environment and atmosphere. However, their most 'valuable advice will be that you appear to lack skills in specific areas.

From their experience and knowledge of business, advertisement and industrial practice, the lack of these particular skills is likely to make it impossible for you to succeed in those areas of activity where such skills are required. Let me give you two simple (but extreme) examples (a) If their tests establish that you are colour blind, obviously they would recommend that you did not look for jobs where identification of colour would be necessary: driving a railway train, interior decorating, fashion design, etc (b) If their tests demonstrate that you find it difficult to interpret ideas into numerate terms: tasks which require you to think quickly in numbers are obviously unlikely to be suitable. A counsellor can help you identify, for sensible reasons, those areas where lack of a particular skill is unimportant. You still have a wide range of choice, but you will not waste your time dreaming about the impossible: ('I wish I could run fast enough to win the 1500 metres at the 2015 London Olympics.' 'You must be joking.') How to Plan Your Search and Give Your Plans a Chance PLANNING: 'Plans are nothing.

Planning is everything.' General Eisenhower had this message writ large in his office at St. Jordan's School, while preparing for the invasion of Europe. No plan is reality. Once you have committed any plan into writing or onto a drawing, you have created a tool (model). This provides an impression of what you expect ultimately to achieve. In its detail, more importantly, this provides a method by which you can measure your progress and also check the assumptions which you made concerning the future when preparing the plan.

The latter benefit (that is, when an assumption turns out to be proven invalid by future events) enables you to review the rest of your planned activities and use of resources. You now can decide what changes will require to be made if you are still to achieve your required end result. They may even force you to reconsider the realism of your objective and whether this itself should be altered. The process of planning can be summarised and disciplined by asking rigorously a series of simple questions, in three sections.

? What do I want to do? ? Why do I want to do this? ? What will be the implications? ? What can I do? ? Why can I do this? ? What will be the implications? ? What do I plan to achieve? ? Why do I plan to achieve this? ? How do I achieve my plan by doing and using what? Answers to the first section (a) will essentially be emotional; to the second section (b) essentially intellectual; and to the third series (c) essentially practical. Yet each section, you must answer all questions emotionally, intellectually and practically. You can now create a matrix model for this planning process.

You now have begun to trawl out of your mind and from these notes, some concepts and ideas with which you ? ANSWERS ? Emotional ? Intellectual ? Practical ? What do I want to do? ? Why do I want to do it? ? What will be the implications? ? What can I do? ? Why can I do this? ? What will be the implications? ? What do I plan to achieve? ? Why do I plan to achieve this? ? How to achieve my plan; by doing and using what? ? can discipline your imagination to start planning how to achieve gainful employment. You will have considered what you would like to do: this will have opened your mind.

However, Your Answers To The Implications And Your Reasons Will Have Started

However, your answers to the implications and your reasons will have started the process of narrowing the field or area where you should concentrate your search. (No more dreaming

In Over Nine Months Of Emailing Endless Recruitment Companies And Seeking Help

In over nine months of emailing endless recruitment companies and seeking help from friends and acquai

If His Achievements Could Be Established, Then Possibly Through Careful Analysis He

If his achievements could be established, then possibly through careful analysis he could discover not only what knowledge and techniques he had used but, much more importantly what w