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If You Use As A Model For Your Reality A Simple Circle

If you use as a model for your reality a simple circle embracing all those different factors which affect or are affecting your outlook you will appreciate that there are three fundamental ways in which you perceive, or become aware of, yourself and your contacts with reality. (a) You will have practical (physical) contacts. These will include your basic needs such as family, friends, food, shelter, clothing, money, and the ability to make use of your physical strength and your physical senses. (b) You will have an intellectual appreciation of your environment and relationships with the society in which you live.

This will affect how you make decisions, and also your judgement concerning what appear to be appropriate actions on your part. (c) You will be affected by your emotional state and reactions to people, events and ideas. It is clear that, as all three of these affect your judgement and your assessment of reality, you must keep them in balance. Therefore, in geometrical terms, if within your circle you represent each by a straight queue, in order to cover the greatest area you must draw an equilateral triangle. Your triangle will not cover all reality but the greatest area possible.

If any sides of the triangle become out of balance with the others, then either you are ignoring a greater part of reality than is necessary or, even more dangerous, distortion could be forcing you to break the circle of reality and enter a most unreal world of nightmare and bad judgement. FURTHER IMPLICATIONS: Now that you have read some suggested interpretations of the solutions, here is a further concept for you to consider.

Because You Are Able To Anticipate The Future, When You Are Aware

Because you are able to anticipate the future, when you are aware of a coming event which will affect you, you will have to make a decision based on your best judgement of releva

Your Very Success May Have Led You To Make Serious Errors Of

Your very success may have led you to make serious errors of judgement and unnecessary mistakes. You will be able to think of many examples of businesses and individ

However, He Does Have A Problem And A Very Serious One. He

However, he does have a problem and a very serious one. He must find a suitable, preferably the 'best available', candidate. His first difficulty is