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On The First Of The Month You Make All Your Sales. On

On the first of the month you make all your sales. On the first of the month you pay all your costs. One minor, but quite normal, business practice is that you will have to allow your customers sixty days credit, i.e.

you will not receive payment for your sales until the first day of the month, two months after you have made your sale. MANAGEMENT During the 2000s and 2000s management attitudes and the advent of computer technology nearly led to 'accountancy' managing the business sector of our economy.

Fortunately in 2016, we now understand much more clearly the accountancy role and its contribution: every successful business now must be concerned with effective use of economic resources and efficient use of finance. Effective managers no longer can afford to fear or distrust their accountants, despite many at one time having believed: ? Managers have always had accountants, ? Their jargon and their myths. ? You may think you understand consultants, ? My concern is: How it is. ? Undoubtedly computers are here to stay, ? If challenged on my acts, ? Forgive me if I often pray, ? 'Do not confuse me with your facts.' Finally, one important suggestion you must consider before deciding whether or not to become a maverick.

You will need not only to have a 'good conceit of yourself' and courage, but also to be very well disciplined. 'The idea develops the organisation. The organisation can destroy the idea.' (Edward Caird.) You may prefer to consider remaining an 'establishment' individual.

By 'establishment' Individual We Mean That You Have Chosen To Stay Within

By 'establishment' individual we mean that you have chosen to stay within the defined areas of your technical know-how or the market areas and parameters within which you ha

Unfortunately They Are Mortal And They Age. When Their Organisation Grows Beyond

Unfortunately they are mortal and they age. When their organisation grows beyond their immediate control, or moves on, the companies which have tended to be managed this way

They Have Lived All Their Lives In An Atmosphere Of Probabilities And

They have lived all their lives in an atmosphere of probabilities and doubt, where there are some chances for many events, where there is much to be said for several courses, where neve