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You Have Ignored One Of The First Rules Of A Good Manager

You have ignored one of the first rules of a good manager - look after your staff's health. People are not designed to work physically or to be mentally involved on continuous twenty-four-hour shifts. You must conserve your energies and get yourself back into a programmed discipline of working sensible hours.

You cannot afford to pay yourself overtime, you will have to give yourself time off in lieu. We will discuss organising your activities within a time schedule, but outside your working hours your family, your friends and your health require you to be sensible, and available for them.

Reality. For these notes please recognise that I mean 'reality' as being all those events, experiences and relationships of which you are consciously aware. For each of us these will be different.

They are made up from a large number of factors which interact with your life and enable you to accept and interpret your environment and provide you with an identity. Your problem is that relationships between these factors are dynamic, not static. Your awareness of them will be continually changing.

If You Use As A Model For Your Reality A Simple Circle

If you use as a model for your reality a simple circle embracing all those different factors which affect or are affecting your outlook you will appreciate that there are th

Because You Are Able To Anticipate The Future, When You Are Aware

Because you are able to anticipate the future, when you are aware of a coming event which will affect you, you will have to make a decision based on your best judgement

Your Very Success May Have Led You To Make Serious Errors Of

Your very success may have led you to make serious errors of judgement and unnecessary mistakes. You will be able to think of many examples of businesses and individuals who have run in