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After You Have Read These Notes, Organised Yourself And Made Plans For

After you have read these notes, organised yourself and made plans for options open to you, go and see them. Explain your situation, and what you propose to do. In my, and others', experience they will give you a sympathetic hearing. If you have an overdraft with your bank.

Again my advice is to go and talk your situation over with the manager if you have never met him / her.. He / she too will listen, respect your frankness, and possibly suggest some useful avenues of contact Remember most overdrafts can be called in at any moment, since this is the bank's prerogative to decide. Your manager may not wish to ring yours in, but the decision may be out of his personal control and more of a computer aided recall. A superior may have given instruction, or possibly the Government has changed the rules for overdrafts. However, a term-loan is for an agreed, fixed period of time. Although this may incur a slightly higher rate of interest, your manager may suggest converting your overdraft into this type of loan.

Probably this will be in the interests of your peace of mind, making it more easy to plan your future expenditure. (How unfortunate, if just as an opportunity for re-employment was nearing the end of negotiations, at that time you receive a demand immediately to reduce or repay your overdraft. Jose would have a field day and probably you would lose your opportunity) Benefits: The safety nets provided by society and you are entitled to them. You contributed in setting these up and made payments towards them. Forget about the scroungers and those others whom you have heard abuse the system.

You are not one of these. We agreed as a society to undertake the responsibility for helping unfortunate individuals through periods of adversity. We want to place them in a position from which they can find a new platform from whence to make their contribution and maintain their self-respect. Make use of these facilities and put them to work for you. The Civil Service: The Civil Service is a large organisation, with many staff who come in all shapes, sizes, ages and experience.

Obviously, some will not be as efficient nor as courteous as you or the service itself would always wish. Those of you, who, like myself, have spent much of their working life overseas, will agree that we are almost the only country which has civil servants and not Government officers.

Long may this remain true. In my experience, from contacts, and working, with many of them at all levels, they have earned my respect.

Most Are Civil. They Are Dedicated And Do See Themselves As Endeavouring

Most are civil. They are dedicated and do see themselves as endeavouring to serve the public (you). However, because of the size of the organisation, to make

Why Do I Make This Provocative Claim? Vocational Counsellors Are Not All-powerful,

Why do I make this provocative claim? Vocational counsellors are not all-powerful, neither can they learn everything about you, whatever techniques they may use. Wh

However, Your Answers To The Implications And Your Reasons Will Have Started

However, your answers to the implications and your reasons will have started the process of narrowing the field or area where you should concentrate your search. (No more dreaming, no more