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  • Hands-on experience in the industry can be crucial in securing a job … as is flexibility. Get experience in different areas and be willing to travel....get into insurance
  • How to Become an Insurance Broker

It Is A Step-by-step Process, Requiring Time, Patience, Humility And Great Determination.

It is a step-by-step process, requiring time, patience, humility and great determination. You and Your Attitudes Attitudes affect everything you do and how you do it.

It is important that you understand your attitudes and how these affect your behaviour in seeking your goals. You do not think in a random way we all have settled modes of thinking.

These form a framework which determines not only how you think about events as they come to your notice, but frequently also what does come to your notice and is evoked in your conscious memory. What prompted you to start reading this website? Have you picked it up by chance or has someone suggested that it may be helpful? Did someone give it to you? Mainly it has been written for those of you who are in a situation where you are seeking to find an opportunity for some form of paid employment which will enable you to meet your commitments and provide a basis for re-building your life. Do you think of yourself as unemployed? If you answer 'Yes', I only wish it were possible for me to shout as loudly as possible at you, 'NO'. If this alone registers with you, this website has been worth writing.

JOB-HUNTING AS AN OCCUPATION: You may not, and most probably currently will not, have a paid occupation. However, you most surely are employed by yourself. Admittedly non-gainfully, but you are involved in one of the most difficult jobs of work you will have in your life: working to achieve gainful employment in the shortest practical time scale.

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Your awareness of this is proved by the fact that you have spent time reading this far. Job-hunting is a full-time business in personal digital marketing.

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