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You Can Probably Think Of Many Different Meanings For This Term. (you

You can probably think of many different meanings for this term. (You might find it an interesting exercise to ask a group of managers to define what it means to them, while you pretend to be a Martian trying to understand the English business language.) For our purposes, in these notes, 'a sale' is used to mean 'an exchange (or transfer of title) of goods or services for a consideration which can be in cash or kind'. The last clause must be included, otherwise this could be a theft or a donation. If we accept this definition we must mean that a negotiation has taken place.

A buyer has decided that he will offer a vendor a consideration for the use of his product or service, and a vendor has agreed that the consideration which the buyer has offered is reasonable, acceptable, and within the capacity of the buyer to provide. Translate 'buyer' into potential employer and 'vendor' into candidate for employment.

As we wrote earlier, you are no beggar with a bowl. To a potential employer, you promise an effective solution to his problem: it is this promise on which the employer places value. What you can do for him / her - this is his interest - not what you were or are. You must decide whether what he wants done (using the resources and in the environment which he proposes to make available to the successful candidate) is within your capacity; also, whether the value (consideration) he is prepared to offer is acceptable to you.

It is a reconciliation between what he wants done, the importance he sets on its achievement, and what he is prepared and can afford to pay, with what you can and are prepared to do, and on what terms, which is the basis for your negotiations. Objective. In a dictionary you will find many words which are synonymous with 'objective' - goal, aim, target, purpose, intention, etc For some years now the word 'objective' has been bandied about in business meetings and discussions. In these notes, 'objective' means a: ? Required end result; under: ? Stated conditions: time. cost; policy; and a ? Value ? Promised.

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(In human relations you are not dealing with absolutes. You are concerned with an acceptable range of tolerance in achievement.) This is known as an RSVP objective. Why do yo

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Resources. Generally, In These Notes, These Refer To External Aids Which Are

Resources. Generally, in these notes, these refer to external aids which are available for your use. Some you can control; some you can influence; to some you will only be ab