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materials Purchased. raw Materials Storage. labour Costs. packaging Costs. finished Goods Warehousing.

? Materials purchased. ? Raw materials storage. ? Labour costs. ? Packaging costs. ? Finished goods warehousing.

? Promotion costs. ? Selling costs.

? Delivery/distribution costs. ? Credit costs. Now the hope is that, having been used for all these purposes, cash will return into our original tank and will It is almost the ideal business, with steady, straight queue itself have accumulated an added value. This cycle is our trading cycle and is shown in our trading account: this is how we will measure 'profit' over a specified period and as 'assessed' at a particular time.

You Can Now Understand Why Accountants Use Grandiose Words Such As 'convention',

You can now understand why accountants use grandiose words such as 'convention', 'established practice', etc, to disguise the value judgments they have

On The First Of The Month You Make All Your Sales. On

On the first of the month you make all your sales. On the first of the month you pay all your costs. One minor, but quite normal, business practice is that you wil

By 'establishment' Individual We Mean That You Have Chosen To Stay Within

By 'establishment' individual we mean that you have chosen to stay within the defined areas of your technical know-how or the market areas and parameters within which you have been ac