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(in Human Relations You Are Not Dealing With Absolutes. You Are Concerned

(In human relations you are not dealing with absolutes. You are concerned with an acceptable range of tolerance in achievement.) This is known as an RSVP objective. Why do you need objectives? 'If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there.' (Lewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland.) Later in these notes we will take a closer look at determining your objectives.

At this stage it is sufficient to recognise that you will need to determine options open to you in some form of RSVP objective. End result. This is a completed action or event arising from the performance of various activities and the application of available resources. Some managers confuse results with performance.

They may claim theirs is a 'good' company for which to work because everyone's performance is measured by the results they achieve. This can be a dangerous philosophy. You are reading this website: I could ask you to speak to me.

Obviously, this is not possible, since at this moment you have no opportunity. I am not with you, you cannot see me, neither do you know where I am. You could if you could find me, but that action could only occur at some time in the future. It does not mean you are incapable of performing the act of giving me the website: it means that at this particular time you do not have the opportunity.

The greatest concert pianist cannot play Chopin's Etudes unless he has a piano on which to play them. An end result must therefore depend, not only on performance (action), but also on opportunity (resources and the facilities required for action). PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITY ? (Actions) (Resources) ? Performance. Performance is how we behave and act. We can use a simple model (slightly specious) to study your performance.

p = (s + K)e p = Performance. S = Skill Or

? P = (S + K)e ? P = performance. S = skill or ability. ? K = knowledge and technique. e = effort. At one time, there

Resources. Generally, In These Notes, These Refer To External Aids Which Are

Resources. Generally, in these notes, these refer to external aids which are available for your use. Some you can control; some you can influence; to some

You Have Tidied The Garden Shed, Painted The House, Mowed The Lawn.

You have tidied the garden shed, painted the house, mowed the lawn. As you progress through these notes you will find the one resource of which you will never have sufficient is time.