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Resources. Generally, In These Notes, These Refer To External Aids Which Are

Resources. Generally, in these notes, these refer to external aids which are available for your use. Some you can control; some you can influence; to some you will only be able to react. Like every other business you have three principal resources.

You must, use them well; this will determine your effectiveness. (a) The first of these resources imposes a discipline upon you and your actions.

Unfortunately, this resource we cannot accumulate nor store for future use. It is time. Many managers never learn how to use time but only find ways of filling it.

When in gainful employment you must frequently have met many fillers of time, often disguised behind piles of folders. They continually complained to you and your colleagues how they were 'snowed under' with work. At the end of the day they had achieved very little. They had made a business of appearing to be engaged. Currently, you may feel you have exhausted all your options for filling time.

You Have Tidied The Garden Shed, Painted The House, Mowed The Lawn.

You have tidied the garden shed, painted the house, mowed the lawn. As you progress through these notes you will find the one resource of which you will never have sufficient

You Have Ignored One Of The First Rules Of A Good Manager

You have ignored one of the first rules of a good manager - look after your staff's health. People are not designed to work physically or to be mentally involved on

If You Use As A Model For Your Reality A Simple Circle

If you use as a model for your reality a simple circle embracing all those different factors which affect or are affecting your outlook you will appreciate that there are three fundam