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You Have Tidied The Garden Shed, Painted The House, Mowed The Lawn.

You have tidied the garden shed, painted the house, mowed the lawn. As you progress through these notes you will find the one resource of which you will never have sufficient is time. Please accept this statement for the moment; later its truth will become apparent. (b) The second resource is one you must discipline. It is your imagination, your ability to think constructively; to search for, assemble, and transform data into information which you can interpret and on which you will make your decisions.

This is also covered in more detail later in these notes. However, at this stage there are two suggestions. (i) Stop saying to yourself 'my problem is' or 'my difficulties are'. Instead begin to change your thought processes into more constructive channels.

Discipline your mind to think in terms of 'what I am seeking is how to . . by doing. . . . ' (ii) Whenever you find you are thinking or saying 'if only . . .' ('I could win a football pool'; 'I had not done so and so'), remember that you are beginning to dream.

You are allowing your mind to become involved with an unreal world. It is not long before such dreams can become nightmares.

(c) Your third resource will tie the whole together. This is the effort and energy with which you put the others to effective use. Sit back for a moment and take a hard look at yourself: How physically fit are you? Are you mentally alert? Have you slowly allowed yourself to deteriorate? Have your anxieties about your future become nagging doubts? You have been waking in the small hours of the night and loneliness, often desperation, has closed in, leaving you lethargic, listless and disinclined to get up in the morning. You will not be the first nor the last to whom this will happen.

You Have Ignored One Of The First Rules Of A Good Manager

You have ignored one of the first rules of a good manager - look after your staff's health. People are not designed to work physically or to be mentally involved on continuou

If You Use As A Model For Your Reality A Simple Circle

If you use as a model for your reality a simple circle embracing all those different factors which affect or are affecting your outlook you will appreciate that th

Because You Are Able To Anticipate The Future, When You Are Aware

Because you are able to anticipate the future, when you are aware of a coming event which will affect you, you will have to make a decision based on your best judgement of relevant experie