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Because You Are Able To Anticipate The Future, When You Are Aware

Because you are able to anticipate the future, when you are aware of a coming event which will affect you, you will have to make a decision based on your best judgement of relevant experiences and knowledge from your past. For the moment let us assume that you recognise as a possibility that some future event is likely to affect you, yet you have had no previous experience nor knowledge on which to base a decision.

You are in a state of innocence; your area of choice is unlimited. The worst decision you can make is to say, 'I can't take a decision'. In fact you just have: a very dangerous one.

You can, however, say, 'I will consider various possibilities and make some assumptions. Depending how future events confirm my assumptions I will have planned options ready, on how to react and what decisions to take.' The problem is that you cannot stop time. You have to decide within the limitations of what you know when the moment for decision arrives. However, with time, you become more accustomed to taking decisions about similar events (experience). You will steadily be narrowing your area of choice. The more successful for you the results from your decisions become, the less will be that area of choice in which you will have to search for guides for your decisions.

This can be illustrated by a model. ? Area, ? Success ? of ? Time ? Choice If you are not careful, your very success over time will lead you to disaster.

You will have become over-confident. You may well have ignored changes in the bases for your earlier experiences in making decisions.

Your Very Success May Have Led You To Make Serious Errors Of

Your very success may have led you to make serious errors of judgement and unnecessary mistakes. You will be able to think of many examples of businesses and individuals who h

However, He Does Have A Problem And A Very Serious One. He

However, he does have a problem and a very serious one. He must find a suitable, preferably the 'best available', candidate. His

Before He Starts Looking For Candidates An Employer Must First Recognise That

Before he starts looking for candidates an employer must first recognise that he has a vacancy. This is so simple, so obvious, that your initial re