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  • Hands-on experience in the industry can be crucial in securing a job … as is flexibility. Get experience in different areas and be willing to travel....get into insurance
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In Over Nine Months Of Emailing Endless Recruitment Companies And Seeking Help

In over nine months of emailing endless recruitment companies and seeking help from friends and acquaintances, he had written more than two hundred emails of application. His total achievement was a few acknowledgments and only two interviews (both with companies which left him / her with serious doubts concerning their viability). What Sam needed was not a 'miracle' that by mere chance some individual should become aware of his existence, perhaps be charmed by his pleasant personality or accept the 'qualified' recommendation of a mutual acquaintance - but that some potential employer should genuinely become convinced that Sam offered those requisite skills and capacities to carry out and achieve that employer's tasks. The problem, a serious one, was how to make this possible. If Sam could not provide relevant evidence of his capacities, how could any potential employer: (a) become interested in him / her as a potential employee; (b) decide whether he could do what the employer required? The answer to both problems obviously lay with Sam.

He had to be able to provide the evidence in terms which made sense to a potential employer. His personal audit provided an answer. He had existed with a military, functional title.

Potential employers had their own prejudiced views and assumptions as to what this functional title meant. This they could only relate to personal experience, or preconceived general ideas concerning tasks, activities and decisions which they believed were likely to make up the content of Sam's army job. (This is the general problem faced by all employers when first told the functional title of an individual.) Sam's was a classic case. He was advised that, instead of producing a history of his career structure showing when he had been promoted from 2nd Lieutenant to Lieutenant, to Captain, to Major and eventually to Lieutenant Colonel, he should concentrate on what he had achieved in his various appointments. Why had his superiors promoted him / her to positions where he had successfully completed the tasks which during his military career had been entrusted to him / her? What he needed was to find out what he had achieved.

If His Achievements Could Be Established, Then Possibly Through Careful Analysis He

If his achievements could be established, then possibly through careful analysis he could discover not only what knowledge and techniques he had used but, much more importan

Later, He Became Distribution Director Of The Company And He Has Since

Later, he became Distribution Director of the company and he has since made a satisfying career for himself. Crabbing: Sam's case is a good example of

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