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Most Are Civil. They Are Dedicated And Do See Themselves As Endeavouring

Most are civil. They are dedicated and do see themselves as endeavouring to serve the public (you). However, because of the size of the organisation, to make it work it must impose some fairly closely defined rules and regulations.

Many civil servants are required to interpret these rules: when convinced there is merit in trying to bend the rules to help you, many will do just that. From your personal audit, and perhaps having finished reading these notes, you will recognise your need for some 'topping-up', or additional instruction, in your particular discipline, or even re-training to provide an opportunity to move sideways into another industry or field of activity. Really look at the Training Opportunities Scheme. Talk this over with your Training Consultant at your NVD Office, or approach, direct, your nearest Training Services Division Office. Vocational guidance: Have you considered this? Perhaps as you struggled with your personal audit you may have felt that you could use some professional help.

There is a service under which you can receive vocational guidance free, by appointment through your local office, from the M.S.C. Occupational Guidance Units. The following is some personal advice on how to approach and use the advice of Professional Vocational Guidance counsellors. Vocational guidance has the same value as research. Fundamentally, it is its negative contribution which provides the real value: it helps narrow realistically to those areas of opportunity in which you would be wisest to concentrate your efforts.

Why Do I Make This Provocative Claim? Vocational Counsellors Are Not All-powerful,

Why do I make this provocative claim? Vocational counsellors are not all-powerful, neither can they learn everything about you, whatever techniques they may use. What they

However, Your Answers To The Implications And Your Reasons Will Have Started

However, your answers to the implications and your reasons will have started the process of narrowing the field or area where you should concentrate your search. (No mor

In Over Nine Months Of Emailing Endless Recruitment Companies And Seeking Help

In over nine months of emailing endless recruitment companies and seeking help from friends and acquaintances, he had writ