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  • Hands-on experience in the industry can be crucial in securing a job … as is flexibility. Get experience in different areas and be willing to travel....get into insurance

Your Awareness Of This Is Proved By The Fact That You Have

Your awareness of this is proved by the fact that you have spent time reading this far. Job-hunting is a full-time business in personal digital marketing.

You have a job of work to do. You have a 'business' to manage - a critical and difficult business, in a high risk and very competitive market. Your business will require every bit of your management expertise and skill to make it a success.

These notes are designed to help you to ask and answer the following questions. How should you organise your business? How can you identify and recognise your future opportunities? How should you identify and marshal effectively your resources? How do you promote your business? How can you negotiate for yourself more effectively? How should you plan your future activities? HABARI MAZURI SANA? : Communication is merely a technique for achieving a relationship between people. In this day and age we have more techniques and methods of communication available than ever before.

We forget that our purpose in communicating is to achieve understanding. ?The words in the above heading are a greeting in Swahili. Unless you understand Swahili my writing in that language means that I am communicating but, almost certainly, we are not understanding one another.

If we are to achieve understanding, we must choose a communication technique appropriate to the circumstances of all parties concerned.? Understanding, not communication, is yours objective. English is a rich and beautiful language. However, it can lack precision in meaning. The context in which words are spoken or written, punctuation, tone of voice, emphasis and even environment can affect a recipient's understanding of what you intend to convey.

For this reason, at this early stage, perhaps you will accept for our purposes my personal interpretation of the meanings of some common words which I will be using in these notes. A sale.

You Can Probably Think Of Many Different Meanings For This Term. (you

You can probably think of many different meanings for this term. (You might find it an interesting exercise to ask a group of managers to define what it means to the

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(In human relations you are not dealing with absolutes. You are concerned with an acceptable range of tolerance in achievement.) This is known as an RSVP objective.

p = (s + K)e p = Performance. S = Skill Or

? P = (S + K)e ? P = performance. S = skill or ability. ? K = knowledge and technique. e = effort. At one time, there was a com