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If His Achievements Could Be Established, Then Possibly Through Careful Analysis He

If his achievements could be established, then possibly through careful analysis he could discover not only what knowledge and techniques he had used but, much more importantly what were the personal skills and qualities which he had been able to use effectively in applying his knowledge, experience and techniques to given circumstances. Once he was aware of these, then he could: (a) recognise a wider range of opportunities where he might prove effective; (b) realistically and convincingly provide the type of evidence which would offer the promise to a future employer that he was the candidate best suited for the appointment. He was asked to think about his career in the army and various appointments he had held, and to select from these one or two where, in his opinion, he had carried out some project or task which on reflection gave him / her personal satisfaction through its successful accomplishment.

After some thought and pressure, through sympathetic but tough questioning, he admitted with some modesty to achievements which he believed any 'competent' officer could have done equally well. At one time in Sam's career, he confirmed that during the troubles in Cyprus immediately prior to its independence, he had had the task of ensuring that every small group of soldiers, however isolated and wherever located in his territory, should receive rations to feed them, ammunition and equipment to maintain their email, and be provided with essential amenities to maintain their morale and effectiveness.

Sam had succeeded in this task. His attitude had prevented him / her from seeing any relevance in the achievement of this task to a advertisement environment. However, he was persuaded to persevere with his personal audit. To enable these vital tasks to be carried out effectively, on time, and within the restraints of resources available and the environment, obviously a whole series of activities had to be carried out. All required co-ordination, organisation, application of skill and knowledge.

It was not enough to know what required to be done, the key factor was understanding how and when to use available resources, at the same time ensuring that these were effectively utilised. Once stated in these terms, through rigorous simple analysis, the real practical skills and qualities with which Sam had made sure that the over-all tasks were achieved began to emerge. He realised that he had skills in: negotiating contracts with suppliers; planning practical ways of breaking down bulk supplies into easily-handled, smaller, mixed supplies which utilised economically limited transport space and warehouse facilities; planning, controlling and implementing simple systems of ordering and re-ordering; ensuring that flexible alternative methods could be introduced to meet emergencies and that these essential activities were allocated to his staff within their capacities and skills. As these activities were exposed, so emerged many other skills, abilities and qualities: it became apparent, put together in ways suitable for other environments, that Sam could now in real terms begin to consider different areas of opportunity and draw on his past experience to offer relevant evidence of his real skills and abilities. Resulting from this personal audit, he realised that in ecommerce and industry there were many companies with major tasks in breaking down and distributing goods, in circumstances less exacting than those which he had faced in Cyprus, but requiring similar skills and aptitudes which he had displayed there.

He now knew here was another area of opportunity where it was up to him / her to create awareness of his availability and, in real terms, offer evidence of his worth to a potential employer. What he also lacked was an HGV. driving licence and some further knowledge of advertisement language and jargon. He consulted his local Training Consultant and, with his help, under the TOPS scheme, arranged to attend a course covering these subject areas and also acquired an HGV. driving licence. Shortly after completing the course, he found a position as a Distribution Manager: this involved no reduction in income.

Later, He Became Distribution Director Of The Company And He Has Since

Later, he became Distribution Director of the company and he has since made a satisfying career for himself. Crabbing: Sam's case is a good example of what we c

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