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Slowly, However, You Will Begin To Acquire A Better Appreciation Of Yourself.

Slowly, however, you will begin to acquire a better appreciation of yourself. As we have mentioned the Scots wisely say: 'A man must have a good conceit of himself.' They are not suggesting that you become conceited what they mean is, you must understand yourself if you are to believe in yourself. You will by now have noticed a lack of some things in yourself in comparison with other people whom you have admired. Summary of ideas: From this analysis now endeavour to collate all the ideas you have so far assembled. Summarise these, using not more than six key words under each heading.

Use only those words which make sense to you personally. Then, having selected your key words, produce a simple matrix model on another sheet of paper. Under knowledge and techniques separate these into: (a) formally learned and acquired; (b) informally learned and acquired through experience. Now, since you have also become aware of certain qualities which you lack, keep a note of these on another piece of paper. We will come back to these a little further on in this section.

Why has it been suggested that you reduce your concepts of yourself into not more than six key words under each of the three main headings? There are two main reasons. (a) No-one has yet satisfactorily explained exactly why, but there is much evidence to demonstrate that few human minds can relate and use more than six concepts or ideas at any one time to reach a decision. Most of us find two or three enough with which to cope.

You Can Probably Recollect From Your Past When You Were Asked To

You can probably recollect from your past when you were asked to make a report and this included more than six recommendations. Almost inevitably this led to

We Know That Their Relationship Can Travel In The Opposite Direction. There

We know that their relationship can travel in the opposite direction. There is a two-way relationship, i.e. besides moving in the directions 1 to

You Will Find Conducting This Type Of Personal Audit, At Different Periods

You will find conducting this type of personal audit, at different periods in your future life, will frequently help you make better decisions to develop your career.