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However, By Analysing And Identifying Those Skills, Knowledge And Qualities You Yourself

However, by analysing and identifying those skills, knowledge and qualities you yourself had used, on the basis of which you wrote your advertisement, you were in fact carrying out a limited personal audit. Why is a personal audit important? Because when an employer considers what you have to offer him / her compared with other candidates, consciously or unconsciously this will decide whether or not he makes you an offer. He is looking for the candidate who provides the most credible evidence that he not only understands what requires to be done, but appears, from past achievements, likely to 'deliver effectively'. If you are not clear that what you have to offer closely fits an employer's criteria and expectations, then he is unlikely to see you as a suitable candidate. The employer has only limited time within which to make a decision. You must help him / her.

If you are not convincing that what you can do is relevant to his problem, you only make his task more difficult and probably impossible. Let me illustrate another reason why a personal audit plays such an important part in your negotiations. A driver was journeying from the country to London. Unfortunately, he became completely lost. He had no map with him / her, no navigational aids or knowledge of the area in which he had arrived.

Proceeding along a lane he saw a villager walking in the road. He stopped his car and asked the villager, 'Please will you help me? I'm lost. I am trying to get to London; will you tell me which road to take?' The countryman scratched his head, thought for a moment, then responded, 'Ah 'tis London 'e want to be reaching?' 'Yes, ' said the driver, 'but I'm lost and don't know which way to go.' 'Well,' said the countryman, pausing further, 'if I be going to London, I be damned if I'd be startin' from 'ere' You almost certainly wish you were not starting your current search for gainful employment from your present position. Whether you like it or not, you had better take a hard look at your surroundings and resources to decide in which direction to point yourself and how to use your resources before you start your journey.

You know more about yourself than anyone else. If, previously, you have made no conscious attempt at analysing your skills, abilities, knowledge and qualities, how can anyone else judge or become convinced of your capabilities and value to them? From the above story you will appreciate that it is all very well having a clear idea about where you want to go, but unless you make an appreciation of your present position, you cannot begin to look for any logical sequence of steps to follow which might provide some reasonable chance for you to reach your destination. You are looking for stepping stones. You are looking for any limiting factors (required resources), and also any breaks in logic.

If You Lack Essential Resources You Will Be Unlikely To Arrive At

If you lack essential resources you will be unlikely to arrive at your destination, unless you can find another method. If there is a break in logic, you must concentrate on

Ask Yourself: (a) How Did You Overcome Them; (b) What Skills Did

Ask yourself: (a) how did you overcome them; (b) what skills did you use; (c) what knowledge or techniques did you apply; (d) what personal qualities did you bring

Slowly, However, You Will Begin To Acquire A Better Appreciation Of Yourself.

Slowly, however, you will begin to acquire a better appreciation of yourself. As we have mentioned the Scots wisely say: 'A man must have a good conceit of himself.' They are not suggestin