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You Can Probably Recollect From Your Past When You Were Asked To

You can probably recollect from your past when you were asked to make a report and this included more than six recommendations. Almost inevitably this led to dissent and arguments.

Very rarely were all your recommendations accepted. Yet when your report was summarised and included not more than six recommendations for action, these were usually accepted with little arguement. If you have attended meetings with more than six members or the agenda included more than six items, often very little was achieved, and a great deal of time wasted. (b) Theories of variety.

Many other people may use the same six words to describe themselves, therefore how can you be different? A little understanding of theories of variety should put this into perspective for you. The basic theory of variety is expressed by the formula V = n (n - 1) where V represents the variety of relationships and n represents the number of factors to be related. Assume for the moment that the number of factors to be considered is 7. Using the formula we find the number of ways these can be related to each other is 7 X 6 divided by 2 which equals 21. However, this assumes that their relationship only travels in one direction, i.e. 1 to 2, 1 to 3, 1 to 4 and so on.

We Know That Their Relationship Can Travel In The Opposite Direction. There

We know that their relationship can travel in the opposite direction. There is a two-way relationship, i.e. besides moving in the directions 1 to 2, 1 to 3,

You Will Find Conducting This Type Of Personal Audit, At Different Periods

You will find conducting this type of personal audit, at different periods in your future life, will frequently help you make better decisions to d

Perhaps You Will Now Remember That You Were Warned That

Perhaps you will now remember that you were warned that time would be a limited resource to you. The next part of your personal audit is to examine and identify