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If You Lack Essential Resources You Will Be Unlikely To Arrive At

If you lack essential resources you will be unlikely to arrive at your destination, unless you can find another method. If there is a break in logic, you must concentrate on how to resolve this. The personal audit helps. Surely this is to what you were accustomed when you were involved in gainful employment and were involved in a project? You would have decided and agreed on what you wanted to achieve, examined your resources, then planned and executed a series of activities using your resources to complete your project. If you were asked to prepare two separate lists of (a) what you believe you are good at; and (b) what you are not good at, the second list would probably prove very long, while the first would not include much.

Yet the list of those things which you are good at is the more important. Your problem probably is that, like most individuals, you are unaware or have never really seriously thought about your personal skills, knowledge and qualities and how these make you a unique individual personality. You are now entering a dangerous area. The easiest person to deceive is yourself. If you carry out a personal audit you must do this with the utmost integrity.

Be careful that you do not mislead yourself. It is personal: therefore only you need see the results. It is an audit: it is your value judgments which are being used.

One morning two psychologists (who disliked one another intensely) found themselves walking towards each other. There was no time nor opportunity to avoid passing. As they passed, the first psychologist lifted his hat, politely said, 'Good morning' and continued walking on. The second psychologist, not to be outdone, also raised his hat and replied, 'Good morning'. After a few paces, he stopped, turned and looked back. Lifting his hat he scratched his head and asked himself; 'Good morning? What on earth did he mean by that?' The last thing you must do when carrying out your personal audit is to _wonde, Good morning? 'What do I mean by that?' THE FIRST ATTEMPT: You now have good reason to commence your first, perhaps difficult, attempt at a personal audit.

You will not find it easy. Consider some of your past appointments, experiences and achievements. From these select and begin with something relatively simple. You can now begin your analysis.

You will need time, and also scrap paper on which to make your notes. The analysis: Having chosen a particular achievement (task), ask yourself: (a) what resources were available to you when you started; (b) what were the limiting factors that you had to overcome to complete the task; (c) how well were you able to measure the level of achievement; (d) how well did you succeed? Having identified the limiting factors, that you overcame, examine each individually.

Ask Yourself: (a) How Did You Overcome Them; (b) What Skills Did

Ask yourself: (a) how did you overcome them; (b) what skills did you use; (c) what knowledge or techniques did you apply; (d) what personal qualities did you bring into play?

Slowly, However, You Will Begin To Acquire A Better Appreciation Of Yourself.

Slowly, however, you will begin to acquire a better appreciation of yourself. As we have mentioned the Scots wisely say: 'A man must have a good conceit of himself.' Th

You Can Probably Recollect From Your Past When You Were Asked To

You can probably recollect from your past when you were asked to make a report and this included more than six recommendations. Almost inevitably this led to dissent <