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Professional Recruitment Organisations: An Employer May Consider Using Some Professional Recruitment Organisation.

Professional recruitment organisations: An employer may consider using some professional recruitment organisation. Again, he has a dilemma.

There can be many different reasons for his decisions. Whatever these are, once again he faces another variety of problems, such as, which organisation to use? Besides NVD and other nationally known recruitment agencies, there are approximately some 15,000 in this country.

Which is most likely to prove the 'best' in his circumstances? Which is most likely to be able to put him / her in touch with you? One benefit he will receive is help in defining the tasks he wants done. This will take time. The services he receives and pays for will depend on the ability and expertise of the consultant handling the assignment.

However, the employer hopes to save time, because he believes the agency will have had more experience in writing advertisements, will know where and how to search for suitable possible candidates, and from the many applications which will be received, will be able to select a short-list of possible candidates. Yet this introduces a further element of subjective judgement into the process, which can prove another danger to his interests. The consultant will make his assessment, not only of candidates' personalities, but also of those of the client employer and his staff. The consultant's interest requires that he should be concerned that before suggesting names of candidates for interview, they meet essential skills and knowledge criteria for the tasks agreed on with the client and also, even more essential, whether candidates' personal qualities and style fit those of the client. Every organisation has its own approach and methods.

We Will Look At Some Of These Later. Obviously Your Understanding Of

We will look at some of these later. Obviously your understanding of these will affect how you handle yourself in facing this barrier in the process.

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However, by analysing and identifying those skills, knowledge and qualities you yourself had used, on the basis of which you wrote your advertisement, you were in fact c

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If you lack essential resources you will be unlikely to arrive at your destination, unless you can find another method. If there is a break in logic, you must concentrate on how to re