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You Will Find Conducting This Type Of Personal Audit, At Different Periods

You will find conducting this type of personal audit, at different periods in your future life, will frequently help you make better decisions to develop your career. Some candidates on courses when first trying this technique, although appreciating its importance, found difficulty in getting started.

One, having discussed this with his wife / partner (who also recognised its value) decided that they should work on his personal audit together. They were still having problems.

They felt they were getting nowhere. Suddenly she said, 'Let's stop thinking about you and try applying the technique to analysing someone we both know and respect.' Without thinking he immediately responded, 'What about Her Majesty the Queen?' From this developed an idea which has helped others who have found difficulty in getting started.

Select from your past someone with whom you have worked and from whom you have gained valuable knowledge and experience. You need not have liked them as a person, but you must have admired and respected how they got things done. Using the technique, analyse their achievements which you admired. From this analysis you will begin to see reflections of yourself. This can put you on track concerning yourself.

Perhaps You Will Now Remember That You Were Warned That

Perhaps you will now remember that you were warned that time would be a limited resource to you. The next part of your personal audit is to examine an

How To Find And Organise Your Resources At Minimum Cost: Organisation Of

How to Find and Organise Your Resources at Minimum Cost: ORGANISATION OF WORK: Where are you going to work? You will need somewhere with broadband,

However, You Will Require Some Space For This Purpose During Agreed Hours.

However, you will require some space for this purpose during agreed hours. What other facilities will your office require? (a) Laptop, ipad PC, Microsoft Office (d) Blogs, web webpages etc