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Ask Yourself: (a) How Did You Overcome Them; (b) What Skills Did

Ask yourself: (a) how did you overcome them; (b) what skills did you use; (c) what knowledge or techniques did you apply; (d) what personal qualities did you bring into play? In the beginning you will find some difficulty in differentiating between your skills and knowledge and your skills and qualities. Do not let this worry you at this stage. As you carry out your analysis, in your own terms, begin to list these on three separate sheets of paper, headed: (a) skills and abilities; (b) knowledge and techniques; (c) qualities and personality factors. As you examine each activity in which you were involved, these lists will become longer.

You will probably find that you frequently include the same or similar words under all three headings. This is not important as yet.

Repetition is inevitable. Almost certainly, another difficulty will be selecting what are the 'right' words to express your ideas. This also is unimportant. When you have spent some time preparing these lists, study them carefully. Now you must try and eliminate some of the global cliche expressions and words you have used, such as 'leadership', 'selling ability', 'persuasion', etc What did you mean by 'leadership'? Why have you included this under both skills and qualities? How did you use 'leadership'? (a) By demonstrating how to perform a particular action? (b) By clear explanation of how the act should be carried out? (c) By example? Leadership has many forms.

People respond to different styles of leadership in differing ways, at different times and in different circumstances. What were the circumstances in the case you are analysing? What is your style? (a) Did others ask you to take on the role? (b) Did they ask for your help and guidance? (c) Did you use your position of authority to instruct them in what to do? (d) What made them recognise your ability and the essential qualities in you? (Perhaps in the circumstances at that time they recognised in you what they required.) This type of analysis takes time.

Slowly, However, You Will Begin To Acquire A Better Appreciation Of Yourself.

Slowly, however, you will begin to acquire a better appreciation of yourself. As we have mentioned the Scots wisely say: 'A man must have a good conceit of himself.' They are not

You Can Probably Recollect From Your Past When You Were Asked To

You can probably recollect from your past when you were asked to make a report and this included more than six recommendations. Almost inevitably t

We Know That Their Relationship Can Travel In The Opposite Direction. There

We know that their relationship can travel in the opposite direction. There is a two-way relationship, i.e. besides moving in the directions 1 to 2, 1 to 3, 1 to 4, e