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We Will Look At Some Of These Later. Obviously Your Understanding Of

We will look at some of these later. Obviously your understanding of these will affect how you handle yourself in facing this barrier in the process.

Finally, maybe quite unexpectedly, a suitable candidate may make contact with the employer at just the right psychological moment - very unlikely, but it can happen. How to turn this to your advantage, we will look at later.

Please now stop and consider this section of notes. Again discipline your thoughts and make notes of not more than three ideas which you now feel may prove useful to you in your search.

Consider your past appointments and achievements: Choose something which, when you look back, provides you with particular satisfaction. Assume you are now moving on from that appointment. Since you best understand the tasks entailed and what resources are available, you have been requested to find a successor. Analyse how you used the resources available to you. In what activities were you involved? What skills and knowledge did you bring into play? What were your personal qualities and characteristics which contributed to your success? Now, in not more than eighty words, draught an advertisement which would attract, from the right sort of candidates, emails from which you can decide whom to interview.

Decide which media you would use, and why. Also consider whether you might use personal contacts. If so, whom would you ask? How would you describe the tasks? What other information would you provide your contacts which they might need to recommend suitable candidates to you? IMPORTANCE OF A PERSONAL AUDIT Did you find writing the Advertisement easy? You were fortunate if you did. Most people find difficulty with this exercise.

However, By Analysing And Identifying Those Skills, Knowledge And Qualities You Yourself

However, by analysing and identifying those skills, knowledge and qualities you yourself had used, on the basis of which you wrote your advertisement, you were in fact carrying ou

If You Lack Essential Resources You Will Be Unlikely To Arrive At

If you lack essential resources you will be unlikely to arrive at your destination, unless you can find another method. If there is a break in logic, you must conc

Ask Yourself: (a) How Did You Overcome Them; (b) What Skills Did

Ask yourself: (a) how did you overcome them; (b) what skills did you use; (c) what knowledge or techniques did you apply; (d) what personal qualities did you bring into play? In the be