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Unless He Is Actively Searching For Your Particular Message, His Eye And

Unless he is actively searching for your particular message, his eye and attention can easily be distracted elsewhere (each of us daily is assailed by many hundreds of advertisements, yet how few can we remember even noticing) It is not enough merely to attract attention. You want the recipient to hear or read your message. What must you do? Obviously, as soon as you have attracted his attention, you must quickly hold his interest. You want him / her to feel that maybe you have something which could be important to him / her, personally. Something in which it is his interest to become involved.

Because you have aroused his interest and involved him / her in considering whether your message applies to him / her, you want to create a desire in him / her to take the action you planned when you first decided to try and contact him / her. Layout and content.

What will attract your attention? This must be decided by the employer. It can depend on your mood or your opportunity to read his advertisement. Maybe you are not looking, nor are you aware of which media he assumes you are accustomed or likely to use.

The best he can do is take a decision, design an advertisement with a layout (headline) which may catch your eye. If it does catch your eye (or that of a friend), he hopes you will recognise something in it attractive to you. Usually, this will be the rewards, terms and conditions he is offering to the successful candidate. These two sections in his advertisement will have used up much of his costly space.

But, as yet, he has not conveyed why he wants you to contact him / her; that is, to enable him / her to consider whether you appear to be someone with whom it is worth discussing his problem (the tasks -- contribution - he requires done with the resources he can make available). In many cases he will have had no training nor experience in writing such an advertisement. Why should he? He was not appointed to his present email for the specific purpose of looking for you. His principal function is in the use of the expertise for which he was engaged by his employer in a management role. Think about this for a while. We shall come back to this later, when suggestions and ideas are put forward to help you in your search for opportunities and how to interpret the information an advertisement conveys.

Professional Recruitment Organisations: An Employer May Consider Using Some Professional Recruitment Organisation.

Professional recruitment organisations: An employer may consider using some professional recruitment organisation. Again, he has a dilemma.

There can be many different reasons

We Will Look At Some Of These Later. Obviously Your Understanding Of

We will look at some of these later. Obviously your understanding of these will affect how you handle yourself in facing this barrier in the process.


However, By Analysing And Identifying Those Skills, Knowledge And Qualities You Yourself

However, by analysing and identifying those skills, knowledge and qualities you yourself had used, on the basis of which you wrote your advertisement, you were in fact carrying out a limite