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Perhaps You Will Now Remember That You Were Warned That

Perhaps you will now remember that you were warned that time would be a limited resource to you. The next part of your personal audit is to examine and identify your tangible resources. (a) What facilities are available to you? (b) What facilities will you need? (c) Where can you obtain these facilities (preferably at no cost, in any case for the minimum expenditure)? (d) What sources of information are available to help you? We will deal with these questions in the next section.

Before you proceed to the next section, consider the notes you have just read. Again discipline yourself and identify not more than three ideas which these have prompted in your mind and which you consider may prove helpful to you. Make a note of these.

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: An ant called out to a passing centipede which was rushing for cover, 'One of your legs is broken.' The centipede rolled over on its back and sought to discover which leg was broken. While concentrating on this task its enemy swooped down and devoured it.

How To Find And Organise Your Resources At Minimum Cost: Organisation Of

How to Find and Organise Your Resources at Minimum Cost: ORGANISATION OF WORK: Where are you going to work? You will need somewhere with broadband, and also

However, You Will Require Some Space For This Purpose During Agreed Hours.

However, you will require some space for this purpose during agreed hours. What other facilities will your office require? (a) Laptop, ipad PC, Microsoft Office (d) Blog

It Was Not Unknown For Me To 'blow A Fuse' And Become

It was not unknown for me to 'blow a fuse' and become not only forceful but aggressive in putting across my views. Unfortunately, I had a nervo