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Labels Have Their Uses, But They Are Not Reality. Their Value Depends

Labels have their uses, but they are not reality. Their value depends on circumstances.

They merely provide a readily recognisable identity for specific environments and purposes. A functional title is only relevant to the circumstances in which it is used. What is a sales manager? : If this is the title of a particular individual within a division of a large multi-national company you may think of him / her as an underworked, overpaid and overrated individual spending his time at exotic meetings, wining and dining customers at his company's expense. (How wrong can you be) Alternatively, you may think of him / her as an overworked, underpaid and underrated individual struggling for a small company to find customers to persuade them to use and pay for his company's products.

(Again, how wrong can you be) Most certainly you will be right to recognise that each has the same title. Yet their tasks, activities, methods and resources used will be different.

The label has stopped you thinking. The value placed by an employer on the filling of a vacancy will depend on his conscious (more often unconscious) assessment of value to himself concerning four major areas summarised within the model CORA. Who is CORA? ? C represents the intrinsic cost of the resource/solution. ? represents the opportunity, availability of the required resource/solution. ? R represents the required end result from utilising a specific resource/solution.

a Represents Added Values Placed On Acquiring A Desired Resource/solution. You Can

? A represents added values placed on acquiring a desired resource/solution. You can now create a simple model. You can use this model for constructively considering from dif

Timing. (urgency.) Etc The Employer's Viewpoint When Filling A Vacancy Let Us

Timing. (Urgency.) etc THE EMPLOYER'S VIEWPOINT When filling a vacancy let us consider what sequence of events must occur from an employer's viewpoint. He must: (a) hav

It Is Not Only Cheaper But The Candidates Are More Likely To

It is not only cheaper but the candidates are more likely to fit in and remain longer in the job. If no suitable candidate can be found within the organisation, the next most fruitful