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Then I Moved Into Training To Help With The Relocation Programme, And

Then I moved into training to help with the relocation programme, and in 2009 I became a Section Head in aviation. Now the assistant manager is on secondment, so I'm feeling that place. I have day - to - day responsibility for the work performed by a section of 14 people. Sometimes I have to give lectures and I was on the committee reporting to management about computer development.? ?I didn't want to give up the discipline of studying, so I started the ACii ( in 2010. I found the subjects very interesting and quite relevant. I finished that in 2011, and the FCii ( two years later.

When you come from school you have no idea of what can happen to you within a short time. I had no idea I'd be Section Leader in two - and - a - half years - I thought I might be in a senior checking job, or perhaps be transferred to another department. Now I'm married I don't know what will happen.

I'd like to keep working my way up, but I don't know any women with children who work here in career jobs, and there are very few women in management. Lloyd's Underwriters Claims and Recoveries Office This is a Company department which handles claims on behalf of the syndicates.

They calculate how much money must be paid to the insured, which is established by using their technical expertise to evaluate reports received from surveyors and brokers. Case Study: John works adjusting marine hull claims. He is 25 and was brought up in Australia.

He has three A levels. He describes his department and job: I work for Lloyd's Underwriters Claims and Recoveries Office (LUCRO) which was set up at the beginning of the century to handle claims on behalf of marine underwriters. There are three departments - hull, cargo and recoveries.

We act on behalf of 95 per cent of the underwriters, so in effect my job is acting as a claims man for one of the syndicates. A claim is presented by a broker, and we sit down with the claim and the policy document and try to see whether the claim is a result of a peril insured under the policy. Initially you work at a very junior level, seeing only straightforward claims, but as you become more experienced you start to deal with the casualty from the first advice stage. For example, when a ship goes aground, the insured will get in touch with his broker and tell him / her what's going on, or might bring in an average adjuster, who is a claims adjuster.

At This Stage The Broker Will Come In And Tell The Underwriter

At this stage the broker will come in and tell the underwriter what has happened. We'll send a surveyor out to look at the incident, and if it is a complex

Then The Recoveries Department Comes In, Because It May Be Possible To

Then the recoveries department comes in, because it may be possible to prove that those 10 cases went missing on the ship. In

Salaries For Underwriting Staff May Include A Profit Commission, Which Will Increase

Salaries for underwriting staff may include a profit commission, which will increase with seniority. A senior underwriting clerk, aged 29,