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The Chartered Insurance Institute ( This Is The Central Educational And Professional

The Chartered Insurance Institute ( This is the central educational and professional body for all who are engaged or employed in insurance. The object of the Institute is to encourage and promote insurance education. The membership in January 2002 was about 96,900, including about 18,640 Fellows and about 42,150 Associates.

About 28,000 candidates enter for the examinations of the Institute held every year. There are local institutes established in and around 90 locations throughout the country. The Institute's Educational Policy The examinations are in two parts: the Associate ship and the Fellowship.

Candidates start with the Associate ship examinations, which require them to take nine general subjects designed to give a broad understanding of a wide OTHER EXAMINATIONS: The Cii ( provides an Introductory examination for candidates for the Associate ship examinations who lack the necessary entrance qualifications. ? The Cii ( also runs a Life Assurance Salesman's Certificate examination, and examinations in foreign languages, with particular reference to insurance.

? The Institute of Actuaries and the Faculty of Actuaries( ? In the United Kingdom there are two professional bodies ? Professional Bodies and their Educational Systems of actuaries: the Institute of Actuaries in London and the Faculty of Actuaries in Edinburgh. To become an actuary in the United Kingdom it is necessary to qualify as a Fellow of one or other of these associations. The examinations of these two bodies are held throughout the world.

There Are 10 Examination Subjects, And The Syllabus, Course Of Reading And

There are 10 examination subjects, and the syllabus, course of reading and examination question papers are given in the examinations official website or are available online. <

Examinations Are Held At Associate And Diploma Level. The Pensions Management Institute

Examinations are held at Associate and Diploma level. The Pensions Management Institute See: The Institute exists to promote a high standard o

Introductory Courses technical Insurance Programmes these Courses Complement The Training Undertaken By

Introductory Courses ? Technical insurance programmes ? These courses complement the training undertaken by ? operating companies themselves. ? Insurance Foundation Course ? Technical Insurance