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  • Hands-on experience in the industry can be crucial in securing a job … as is flexibility. Get experience in different areas and be willing to travel....get into insurance

Companies May Provide Specific Graduate Trainee Schemes. These Are Broadly Based And

Companies may provide specific graduate trainee schemes. These are broadly based and are designed to give a general knowledge of insurance so that the graduate may specialise later with a view to potential management. Obviously, recruits to graduate trainee schemes are required to have a degree.

But there are also other requirements for graduates: they must be mobile and flexible, willing to move around the country and fill different types of positions. In addition, graduates must remember their own limitations, and the limitations of the job. A 21 - year old recruit may have a degree, but will know nothing about insurance or the job.

An A level recruit who, by the age of 21, has three years' on - the - job experience and is an ACii ( , may be more valuable to the employer. More on Entrance Requirements: Remember that, as a graduate, you will be expected to learn and progress more quickly, but you must nevertheless go through similar stages to other employees, starting with the more mundane tasks. When applying for a job you should consider your long - term career development, bearing these facts in mind.

Do not apply for insurance unless you have a fair amount of tolerance, patience and good humour. Vacancies for linguists without insurance qualifications are unlikely, as most positions will combine linguistic and insurance knowledge.

The languages most useful in insurance are French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Italian. Professional Bodies and their Educational Systems: Insurance qualifications can be divided into two categories: professional and public. Professional qualifications are offered by the various professional bodies. Public qualifications, such as ordinary or higher degrees, are obtainable from most.

The Chartered Insurance Institute ( This Is The Central Educational And Professional

The Chartered Insurance Institute ( This is the central educational and professional body for all who are engaged or employed i

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Examinations Are Held At Associate And Diploma Level. The Pensions Management Institute

Examinations are held at Associate and Diploma level. The Pensions Management Institute See: The Institute exists to promote a high standard of professional condu