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Nevertheless, Don't Approach An Interview Too Informally; You Are Trying To Impress

Nevertheless, don't approach an interview too informally; you are trying to impress a potential employer, and must therefore create a good impression. So be punctual, and dress to look clean, neat and tidy. Do your homework: find out about the company from the information you have been sent, or the internet, newspapers, etc In addition, read the account of the principles and history of insurance. Try and find something new to say, remember the interviewer will have sat through many interviews that day.

How to Get a Job In preparation for the interview, look back over your application and be ready to expand on the details you mentioned. Be positive and informative in your replies, but not too long - winded. You will also want to find out about the appointment, so prepare a series of questions. This will indicate your interest in the vacancy. Interviewing is not an exact science, but your interviewer will have planned the discussion.

You may be asked why you are interested in insurance, about your knowledge of the industry, and why you have chosen that particular company. Expect to be asked about any other application, and what types of career you have considered. After your interview you may have a chance to look around the company and chat to some of the staff, which might give you a better picture of the job.

Remember, persevere and try not to become discouraged. Everyone you see will have been through the selection process themselves, and in the future you will probably laugh as you look back on the terror of your first job - hunt. Looking for a job is really a great adventure, an opportunity to meet a variety of people in different occupations. Try to enjoy these meetings and compare the type of job and the company's handling of the recruitment process.

You are assessing the career and the company, and, at the end of the day, you should feel you have chosen a career which appeals to you and in which you can make your mark. Entrance Requirements School Leavers Requirements vary depending on the type of vacancy being offered. Most entrants in the insurance industry at the present time have a minimum of two A levels.

Companies Are Able To Demand A High Level Of Educational Qualifications, And

Companies are able to demand a high level of educational qualifications, and may think that an entrant with two A levels today is equivalent to one with five GCSEs five years ago.

Companies May Provide Specific Graduate Trainee Schemes. These Are Broadly Based And

Companies may provide specific graduate trainee schemes. These are broadly based and are designed to give a general knowledge of insurance so that the graduate ma