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It Is Very Important To Remember That The Selection Process Begins With

It is very important to remember that the selection process begins with your application form and email. People in personnel departments stress that the quality and presentation of an application is of the utmost importance; in one large insurance company the woman in charge of interviewing and selection said: In the current recessional economic climate we get so many job applications that we can afford to pick and choose.

?Online job online advertising is cheaper and candidates come direct through the main website. If an application form is half filled in or obvious fiction or has misspelt words, we don't even bother to look at it. We are amazed that people send in that kind of thing.? Those forms go straight into the bin.

Throughout the insurance industry, personnel directors stress this point, and content is equally vital. Care, thought and time must be put into an application to make it effective. First, read the application form all the way through.

Think carefully about what you want to say you must make yourself attractive to an employer, but be honest and do not exaggerate your accomplishments. Answer every question using the available space - don't skip questions, and don't continue your answers on a separate email Email concisely and be prepared to resend or call the company to get the right address. Curriculum Vitae - CV: If a online application form is not provided, you should submit a curriculum vitae (CV). A CV is a summary of your career, with relevant facts such as education, qualifications, and working experience.

A CV should be presented as a printed sheet in tabular form, preferably on A4 - size paper and not more than two sheets long. If emailed then send a word doc or preferably a pdf.

It is a good idea to have a dozen or more copies made in order to have a supply ready to send out with each application. The Interview: At an interview there is a chance to impress a potential employer in a face - to - face encounter. Try to relax and not to be too nervous - an interview is generally a conversation between two people to find out whether or not you will suit the job, and the job will suit you.

Nevertheless, Don't Approach An Interview Too Informally; You Are Trying To Impress

Nevertheless, don't approach an interview too informally; you are trying to impress a potential employer, and must therefore create a good impression. So be punctual, and dress to look

Companies Are Able To Demand A High Level Of Educational Qualifications, And

Companies are able to demand a high level of educational qualifications, and may think that an entrant with two A levels today is equivalent to one with five GCSEs five y

Companies May Provide Specific Graduate Trainee Schemes. These Are Broadly Based And

Companies may provide specific graduate trainee schemes. These are broadly based and are designed to give a general knowledge of insurance so that the graduate may specialise later