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When We Have A New Claim We Read The File To Understand

When we have a new claim we read the file to understand how and why it occurred. We always go to the leading underwriter first, using an appointments procedure.

After seeing the leading underwriter you take the claim to Lloyd's Underwriters Non - Marine Claims Office (LUNCO). (website is They have the role of acting for underwriters throughout the market, so you take the claim to them because it would take weeks to settle a claim if you had to go to, say, 50 syndicates who each had a queue. I have claims on all sorts of things accidents while shooting a film, personal injury, or railway accidents.

?By 2016/4 I'd like to get on the placing side, but you can become very expert on the claims side and make a good name for yourself.? The Company of Lloyd's: The Company of Lloyd's provides the services necessary for the smooth running of the market. There are about 2,800 staff who are based in the City of London and at Chatham. There are a wide range of services provided by the Company.

Some departments may only offer openings for experienced staff; other services have little connection with insurance. The Company produces careers literature about the opportunities it offers. Vacancies in London normally require school leavers of A level standard, while recruits to Chatham are local school leavers educated to at least GCSE standard.

The Company Employs A Few Graduates, In Data Processing Departments And In

The Company employs a few graduates, in data processing departments and in specialist professional areas. The balance of recruits in Chatham is roughly 70/30 female/male, and

Then I Moved Into Training To Help With The Relocation Programme, And

Then I moved into training to help with the relocation programme, and in 2009 I became a Section Head in aviation. Now the assistant manager is on secondment,

At This Stage The Broker Will Come In And Tell The Underwriter

At this stage the broker will come in and tell the underwriter what has happened. We'll send a surveyor out to look at the incident, and if it is a complex collision