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It's Really A Case Of Selling What The Leading Underwriter And Client

It's really a case of selling what the leading underwriter and client have come to a decision over. I deal mostly with excess loss business, which is reinsurance of loss in a particular area. For example, an underwriter might write five per cent of a queue worth £12,000,000 on a hull. He can cope with a loss on a single vessel but not an entire fleet, so he has protection through reinsurance in layers and therefore is liable only for the first £12,000,000 on each loss.

To get on as a broker you need a clear head and you certainly can't be shy, though at the beginning a certain amount of shyness is an advantage because you don't appear too pushy as a junior. You need to have confidence about what you are saying, and an ability to get information out of people. I also think you need a certain amount of dedication and an ability to work as part of a team. A claims broker Finally, a claims broker: Chris is 24, and was brought up in London, where he attended a comprehensive school and obtained six GCSEs and one A level. After school, he joined the pensions department of the Norwich Union.

He transferred to the personnel department of a large broking group, and after two years, at his request, he became a trainee claims broker. He says: We normally spend half our day in the office. We get in the emails notifying claims, and then decide which underwriter we need to see.

When We Have A New Claim We Read The File To Understand

When we have a new claim we read the file to understand how and why it occurred. We always go to the leading underwriter first, using an appointments procedure.

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The Company Employs A Few Graduates, In Data Processing Departments And In

The Company employs a few graduates, in data processing departments and in specialist professional areas. The balance of recruits in Chatham is roughly 70/30 female

Then I Moved Into Training To Help With The Relocation Programme, And

Then I moved into training to help with the relocation programme, and in 2009 I became a Section Head in aviation. Now the assistant manager is on secondment, so I'm feeling th