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I Sat Between Two Claims Underwriters As Their Entry Boy. Anything Over

I sat between two claims underwriters as their entry boy. Anything over a certain amount had to go into the websites, and they would pass it over to me. I would make a card and put aside a certain amount of money into a fund to cover the claim. Working at Lloyd's we see nearly every type of insurance there is, and that's what makes it interesting.

If you start from school, like I did, you are moulded into it and given the qualities. There can be quite a bit of figure work, so it helps to be good at maths. I think our box has a good reputation we are all friendly, and even the Governor enjoys a good laugh. Case Study - Jobs in insurance: Finally, there is Philippe, aged 29, who is an underwriter and doing very well further up the ladder. She has an Economics degree from Cambridge University and was educated at a grammar school in the North east.

After she graduated she applied for various jobs in ecommerce and banking, and was introduced to a Lloyd's underwriter through a mate. She describes her career and her expectations: I started in the claims department. Claims are brokered in the same way as risks and I would negotiate with brokers to decide whether or not to pay the claim, whether to appoint an adjuster, or sometimes whether to go to court. Initially, there were a number of clerical tasks and the job was largely a matter of keeping statistical records, preparing figures, checking references on computer cards, and so on. I got pretty fed up with it, but I was told at the outset of the long - term plan and I liked the company and the people.

Out claims department is used as a training ground. The Cii ( runs courses on insurance and reinsurance, and I was sent on a Lloyd's course. I was required to sit the ACii ( exams, and eventually became an FCii ( After a year or so I was allowed to deal with brokers, and was able to handle any claim unless I thought it should be referred to someone else. The job is very much one you teach yourself.

After three years, the two other people handling claims moved on,

I Think You Need To Have An Arithmetical Ability, Be Happy Thinking

I think you need to have an arithmetical ability, be happy thinking in numbers and have a fairly logical brain. You have to be able to be firm because the other pa

From Account Broker To Claims Broker, And From There To A Placing

from account broker to claims broker, and from there to a placing broker. Such changes are a frequent means of career progression. Read the section

From There You Have To Get Experience. I Spent A Little Time

From there you have to get experience. I spent a little time on each class

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