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From Account Broker To Claims Broker, And From There To A Placing

from account broker to claims broker, and from there to a placing broker. Such changes are a frequent means of career progression. Read the section on broking in Web section 3, to get a full picture of the range of broking jobs. (see Real job case study: Alison is 24, and works as a non - marine broker for the international division of a large broking group.

She was brought up in Surrey where she attended a girls' school. She has 11 GCSEs and two A levels.

She became interested in broking after being shown around Lloyd's, and discusses her job: I was very lucky because my father had contacts in this firm so I got in that way - that happens quite a lot. For the first couple of weeks I was introduced to the basics in the office, and spent the rest of the time going round the market with other brokers - one from each section. When they thought I could find my way back to the office I was sent out on my own with very simple things - little changes of address and so on - just to get to know the underwriters.

From There You Have To Get Experience. I Spent A Little Time

From there you have to get experience. I spent a little time on each class

It's Really A Case Of Selling What The Leading Underwriter And Client

It's really a case of selling what the leading underwriter and client have come to a decision over. I deal mostly with excess loss business, which is reinsurance of

When We Have A New Claim We Read The File To Understand

When we have a new claim we read the file to understand how and why it occurred. We always go to the leading underwriter first, using an appointments procedure.

After seeing the