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  • Hands-on experience in the industry can be crucial in securing a job … as is flexibility. Get experience in different areas and be willing to travel....get into insurance
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I Think You Need To Have An Arithmetical Ability, Be Happy Thinking

I think you need to have an arithmetical ability, be happy thinking in numbers and have a fairly logical brain. You have to be able to be firm because the other party to the transaction will pressure you, but you have to stay friendly so he or she will come back. I thoroughly enjoy my job - the authority and the backchat. Also, I'm very well paid although our business tends to pay comparatively little to new starters - I get a salary, a profit commission and a company car.

From here I could go in several directions. I've just been made Deputy Underwriter on a subsidiary syndicate of ours. I have recently married but I don't think the attitude of my colleagues has changed.

I might very well take some time off to have children, but would always come back to work, even if only to pay for a au pair. It is impossible to be an underwriter part time, but there are jobs on the agency side, with brokers or with the larger insurance companies at a senior level, not necessarily actively involved in underwriting. Lloyd's Brokers: There are about 370 Lloyd's brokerage firms who employ placing and claims brokers to work at Lloyd's. Lloyd's brokers will place business in both the company markets and at Lloyd's, so that only a portion of their time will be spent at Lloyd's.

They are supported by inside office staff, who will service the accounts. It may be possible to move from job to job, i.e.

From Account Broker To Claims Broker, And From There To A Placing

from account broker to claims broker, and from there to a placing broker. Such changes are a frequent means of career progression. Read the section

From There You Have To Get Experience. I Spent A Little Time

From there you have to get experience. I spent a little time on each class

It's Really A Case Of Selling What The Leading Underwriter And Client

It's really a case of selling what the leading underwriter and client have come to a decision over. I deal mostly with excess loss business, which is reinsurance of loss in a pa