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Stone Manor - The Financial Loss Incurred Is The Consequence Of The Fire. Loss Of

The financial loss incurred is the consequence of the fire. Loss of profits and extra running expenses resulting from fire must be insured separately. This kind of insurance is variously known as consequential loss, business interruption or loss of profits insurance. It will include cover for loss of profits and for continued payment of wages to employees.

Household Insurance: There are different types of household insurance, which range from insurance for house alone, with the contents insured separately, to insurance for house and contents combined in one package. Premium rates depend on the location of the house and the type of construction. The policy will provide cover against many of the risks already mentioned for property insurance, plus theft and burglary and damage to fittings and furnishings.

Household insurance may also include specific cover for valuable possessions, such as jewellery, washing machines, or antique furniture. How the Insurance is Arranged: When an insurer receives a request for property insurance, the property will be evaluated to determine the kind of risk and the premium. A property or fire surveyor will investigate the construction of a building, assess the dangers, and may recommend certain measures such as the installation of a sprinkler system or anti - burglary device. Accident and Liability Insurance: The term accident insurance describes all types of insurance not included in life, marine, aviation or fire insurance.

Basically, Accident Insurance Falls Into Three Categories: (a) Insurance Of Property Against

Basically, accident insurance falls into three categories: (a) Insurance of property against accidental loss or damage. (b) Insurance of the person against accidental injury or sick

For Example, A Car Manufacturer Would Insure Against The Possibility Of Accidents

For example, a car manufacturer would insure against the possibility of accidents resulting from a design fault or shoddy workmanship. Motor Insura

Commercial Vehicles Are Insured On Much The Same Basis, With Rates Established

Commercial vehicles are insured on much the same basis, with rates established on the type of vehicle and its use. Most renewals of motor insurance policies are on an annual