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Stone Manor - Anyone Thinking Of A Career In Broking Would Be Wise To Apply

Anyone thinking of a career in broking would be wise to apply exclusively to registered insurance brokers and BIBA members as only these companies will be able to provide a thorough technical training and a solid foundation of working experience. There is little prospect of career progression working for a small high - street broker.

It is possible to gain limited experience, and even to achieve senior positions and earn a good salary. However, the trainee broker is unlikely to receive professional training or to have the opportunity to gain wide experience. Essentially the work is limited in scope. Larger brokers not only offer opportunities of advancement, but also wider insurance dealings. The regional offices of large brokers may be an ideal training ground, and there is the possibility of transfer to head office in London.

Recruitment Small brokers recruit directly by online advertising on job boards online or using recruitment companies. The regional branches of larger brokerage firms also recruit locally, looking for recruits as and when vacancies occur.

Many large companies also run trainee schemes which are usually organised centrally through a London head office and entail starting work in London. Many broking firms used to have good contacts with local schools and take part in career seminars Brokers recruit GCSE and A level school leavers and graduates.

Normally, the minimum requirement is three to four GCSEs, but education to A level standard is preferred, particularly in London, where recruits are more likely to be encouraged to study for professional qualifications. Nevertheless, personal qualities are more important in broking than academic qualifications, so that great significance is placed on interviews. Interviewers will look for extrovert people with highly - developed self - confidence and evidence that they will fit into the working climate.

There is, in effect, a two - tier entry system. Generally, GCSE recruits will be placed in less technical positions, which, in some cases, may be little more than paper pushing.

These Positions Are In Departments Such As Accounts And Data Processing, Which

These positions are in departments such as accounts and data processing, which are located outside London, and a high proportion of GCSE recruits are women. There is no pub to

In Smaller Companies, Or Specialist Insurance Divisions Such As Energy Resources Or

In smaller companies, or specialist insurance divisions such as energy resources or marine insurance, an account broker will also have responsibility for placing t

The Broker Will Then Approach Underwriters To Persuade Them To Provide Insurance

The broker will then approach underwriters to persuade them to provide insurance cover at an acceptable premium. The placing broker may deal with insurance companies, company markets,