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For Example, A Car Manufacturer Would Insure Against The Possibility Of Accidents

For example, a car manufacturer would insure against the possibility of accidents resulting from a design fault or shoddy workmanship. Motor Insurance / Car Insurance: Motor insurance, which comes under all three categories of accident and liability insurance, makes up a large percentage of the business of all composite insurance companies.

There is a vast amount of premium paid to insurance companies, as the law requires all motorists to have third - party liability insurance. This does not provide personal cover for the driver but does cover payment to innocent parties for injuries resulting from road accidents.

However, most motorists take out further insurance, such as a comprehensive policy, which provides cover against fire and theft, and may include cover against personal accident. The premium rates are calculated by considering the type of vehicle, the usage (business or personal), the geographical area in which it will be used and the people insured to drive the car. Other important factors are the age, driving experience, occupation and past accident record of the driver.

Commercial Vehicles Are Insured On Much The Same Basis, With Rates Established

Commercial vehicles are insured on much the same basis, with rates established on the type of vehicle and its use. Most renewals of motor insurance policies are on

As Already Observed, It Is Possible To Insure Against Almost Any Risk.

As already observed, it is possible to insure against almost any risk. There are many other types of insurance within the categories described which are too numero

A Broker Must Have Professional Indemnity Insurance: A Broker Must Demonstrate Financial

A broker must have professional indemnity insurance: A broker must demonstrate financial probity by keeping the client's money (the premiums) separate from his or her own working cap