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These Agents, Who Sell A Wide Range Of Contracts, Form Part Of

These agents, who sell a wide range of contracts, form part of a sales team co-ordinated by salesmen, or women, known as inspectors. The inspector's main task is to generate new insurance business for his or her branch. Each inspector is allocated a geographical area to control which means studying the area to assess its business potential and planning how to achieve sales targets for a range of insurances. This means getting out of the office, and meeting and persuading people that the company's services, policies and terms are competitive with those offered by other insurers.

Inspectors must be able to adjust to people of all walks of life and be skilled at persuasion and negotiation. They are supported by a sales department or team within the office, whose tasks include providing the inspector with clerical back - up and customer information services.

They also handle customer inquiries at company branches. Inspectors will normally be attached to a particular branch, and will specialise in an area of insurance such as fire and accident. However, large companies may also employ specialist inspectors in the following insurance areas: life, pensions, and the City.

Fire and Accident Inspectors: All inspectors will have been promoted from a previous insurance background. Most recruits to this position will have a minimum of two A levels, although in some circumstances six GCSEs might be acceptable.

Many recruits participate in the training scheme and, on completion, decide which area to specialise in. Not all trainees are allowed to become inspectors as they will need an ability to get on with people, and an extrovert nature. Inspectors are sent on courses which offer various ways of planning and controlling sales interviews. Case Study: Adrian was educated at a grammar school and obtained eight GCSEs and three A levels.

He Was Recruited As An A Level Trainee To A Large Insurance

He was recruited as an A level trainee to a large insurance company. He is now 24, and works as a general inspector. He talks about his career progression:

My Next Move Will Most Likely Be To A Provincial Branch, Where

My next move will most likely be to a provincial branch, where I will be allocated a panel of agents, which carries the higher grading.

I Did That For A Year In The Life Branch, Combined With

I did that for a year in the Life Branch, combined with a lot of servicing work. In that year I made it my business to know what happened in the office: the general transactions and