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After six months I went on a training course, which was not much use but it made you feel the company had an interest in you. The underwriting really comes in when you take on new business, because it is very difficult to get rid of something if it is a bad risk once you've accepted it, and you just have to adjust your terms. It's a matter of looking up what head office tells you that you can and can't accept, and using your own judgement. We're the only people bringing in new business and we're making a profit, so we've been given new policies and new laptops.

We all work on HIGH END Servers now. Before we had them we used to spend a lot of time filling forms and writing out endorsements. Using server side software makes the job much more interesting, as all the mundane stuff is out of the way. Now I am a Supervisor and look after five people, so I answer questions from staff rather than get involved in the day - to - day work. I go through the email with the superintendent and hand out work to people, depending on their abilities.

We have a lot of email work answering queries, and brokers can become quite pushy especially with the younger girls, trying to persuade them to take a bad risk. So I have to stand up for them, which can be quite stimulating.

It's quite satisfying dealing with lots of things that other people don't know about. I have to train the people under me, as it is mainly on - the - job training, and I've been on a leadership skills course to help me. It did help, and gave me some new ideas, because we do get personality clashes which I have to sort out.

You have to be tough emotionally to be a supervisor, and be able to deal with people. You have to know how to be firm, but polite, with brokers, even if you're telling them to get lost, and they know it - they have to accept it as long as you say it the right way. Quick facts about Underwriting: Underwriting varies, depending on the type of insurance, the type of insurer worked for, the location and the underwriter's level of seniority.

Salaries for underwriters are on a par with other insurance company salaries, which are worked out according to grade. Insurance Sales jobs: Selling is an important part of the insurance business, and it is a cliche that people do not buy insurance but are sold it. There are various types of selling jobs and in one sense all intermediaries, such as insurance brokers and agents, are sales staff. However, as brokers sell insurance for more than one company they are not thought of as salesmen. Some sales staff are employed directly by companies on a commission basis; others, such as brokers and solicitors, sell insurance for commission as an adjunct to their regular job.

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