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I Completed The Acii ( Last Year, Doing The Relevant Fire And

I completed the ACii ( last year, doing the relevant fire and surveying papers. I took classes on day - release, and also did a couple of hours' study, three to four nights a week. Accident Underwriting Accident insurance covers an enormous range.

This kind of insurance is, again, part of the home division, and will be transacted at branches throughout the UK. Case Study - accident department as a Clerical Assistant: Jerry works in an accident department as a Clerical Assistant, which means issuing policies and endorsements and doing a bit of underwriting. He is 24, was brought up in Scotland, and was educated at state school where he got eight GCSE levels and three A levels. He describes his job: I came in as a Grade 1 - what they call a Clerical Assistant. For the first three months I was learning the routine of the office and doing pretty mundane work, such as reminders, changes of address, endorsements, and so on. The accident department deals with all insurance apart from motor, fire and household.

It is dealing with advertisement risks and almost all types of insurance - burglary, money, glass, goods in transit and liability, which is most interesting. I started off on personal accident, and did that for four months before going on to easy work in the liability field, and you gradually progress so that you're competent to do them all. We work in different ways depending on the insurance: We have set rates and just have to decide what table to look up.

But For Product Liability You Just Have To Use Your Own Experience.

But for product liability you just have to use your own experience. There is a lot of statistical work and you have to work out some sort of probabil

After Six Months I Went On A Training Course, Which Was Not

After six months I went on a training course, which was not much use but it made you feel the company had an interest in you. The underwriting really comes in when yo

These Agents, Who Sell A Wide Range Of Contracts, Form Part Of

These agents, who sell a wide range of contracts, form part of a sales team co-ordinated by salesmen, or women, known as inspectors. T