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He was recruited as an A level trainee to a large insurance company. He is now 24, and works as a general inspector. He talks about his career progression: I came in on a two - year training scheme which gave me experience in about five different departments.

I spent between one and six months in each and the experience at the branch was reinforced by six residential courses, each of one week's duration, and each concentrating on a specific area of insurance. At the end of my training, I decided I wanted to go outside and I was again moved around the departments of the branch at which I worked to obtain further experience, finally moving on to our trade department where I was handling small advertisement risks such as burglary, liability and fire. During all this time, I was dealing with the public, both by correspondence and over the email. When this general background had been acquired, a vacancy for a Trainee Inspector existed and I was placed on this training path.

The course is divided into three parts, the first of which is spent mainly inside the office within the sales department, dealing with the public. Gradually I was given responsibility for business through a number of intermediaries, working very much under the guidance of a senior inspector. I was lucky, because very quickly after that I was allocated a complete panel of agents to handle on my own account. Jobs in Insurance: On a normal day, I'll arrive at the office at 8.45 am and deal with the paperwork.

I will probably start making my calls at around 10.30 am, often being out of the office all day. I would normally expect to see two or three people by appointment during the day and make other unscheduled visits to agents, knowing that they will be happy to see me without an appointment. All inspectors have targets in a number of classes of business in terms of total revenue, business retention and new sales. These levels vary according to experience, and whilst they present a challenge they also present a great deal of satisfaction, as each inspector controls his own results.

Whilst a great deal of guidance is given and advice is always available, the day - to - day running of an inspector's panel is left largely up to you. There are three levels of inspector and, at the moment, I am on the middle level.

My Next Move Will Most Likely Be To A Provincial Branch, Where

My next move will most likely be to a provincial branch, where I will be allocated a panel of agents, which carries the higher grading. After tha

I Did That For A Year In The Life Branch, Combined With

I did that for a year in the Life Branch, combined with a lot of servicing work. In that year I made it my business to know what happened in the office: the gener

Agents Are Given Instruction On Policies And In Effective Selling Techniques. The

Agents are given instruction on policies and in effective selling techniques. The Cii ( runs a course

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