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Stone Manor - So You Want To Work In Insurance? Insurance Is A Service Industry

So you want to work in Insurance? Insurance is a service industry providing financial security for advertisement and industrial businesses of all sizes. It gives protection for the individual against the risks of fire, burglary, accident, injury and sickness or premature death of the breadwinner or housewife.

Insurance provides a means for individuals to save money and accumulate a large tax - free sum - through various forms of short - term life insurance. At the same time, insurance companies are able to build up huge funds, through the collection of premiums, which are an important source of investment for industry. Significance of Insurance: Perhaps the best way to appreciate the significance of insurance is to imagine life without it The changes would be many: people would be reluctant to build houses or offices because of the risk of fire; the danger of shipwreck would make people reluctant to ship cargo; death of a breadwinner would cause severe financial hardship; financial liability for people injured in a car crash could ruin a driver; the possibility of prosecution for industrial pollution would inhibit industry, shipping and oil production Insurance is an essential aspect of the economic structure of our society - business could not work without it. It remains an important industry in economic terms because much business is transacted with foreign countries. The insurance market plays an important part in international trade and is responsible for much of the flow of foreign currency into England Despite the challenge from the United States, Canada and European countries, London is still the leading insurance market of the world.

The different kinds of work in insurance provide scope for a varied and exciting career. A quick glance at the contents of this website will give you some idea of the vast range of jobs open to you.

You Could Work For A Very Big Insurance Company Which Might Employ

You could work for a very big insurance company which might employ 18,000 people in the UK and several thousand more overseas, and be employed in a large office of,

In Practice, This Opened The Door To Individual Underwriters (people Who Have

In practice, this opened the door to individual underwriters (people who have the authority to insure someone), who became t

Insurers Must See That They Have Sufficient Resources To Be Able To

Insurers must see that they have sufficient resources to be able to meet their liabilities: They must make sure they have enough capital and that their risks are