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  • Hands-on experience in the industry can be crucial in securing a job … as is flexibility. Get experience in different areas and be willing to travel....get into insurance
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Why Waste Both Your And The Potential Employer's Time When You Can

Why waste both your and the potential employer's time when you can yourself establish that the job is not for you? You are only wasting Read advertisements carefully. Check your emails for clarity and relevancy. Remember it takes time to write a short one.

Give yourself time. Plan your week. Use time, do not fill it. Are there two sharpened pencils and a pad of paper by your mobile phone at this moment? No? Then put them there now.

You cannot afford to be a slack manager. You have a real job to work at. Make sure you do it well. BEING INTERVIEWED EFFECTIVELY: Underlying principles for being interviewed effectively are simple in concept and application.

An interview forms part of the negotiation process between prospective employer and candidate. Emphasis depends upon interview objectives, and previous prospective employer/candidate relationships, experience and knowledge of each other.

Candidates' opportunities: An interview provides an opportunity for you to: (a) clarify a prospective employer's problem; (b) build your credibility with the prospective employer; (c) reinforce your 'comparative advantage' in contributing to solving a prospective employer's problems: i.e. the cost effectiveness of employing your services, when compared with other candidates of whom the prospective employer is aware. Basis for preparation: Preparation for an effective interview should be based on the following.

(a) Analysis And Interpretation Of Relevant Information Developed From Updated Data Concerning:

(a) Analysis and interpretation of relevant information developed from updated data concerning: (i) the prospective employer; (ii) competition to

All Candidates Should Prepare A Coherent Theme Covering The Prospective Employer's Interests.

All candidates should prepare a coherent theme covering the prospective employer's interests. This requires preparation of the following.

(a) An introduction

The Personal Audit: There Are Few People Who At Some Time In

THE PERSONAL AUDIT: There are few people who at some time in their lives do not ask themselves the following questions. What can I do to make myself more effective and