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What You Do Easily And Usually Enjoy Doing Often Provides Clues To

What you do easily and usually enjoy doing often provides clues to your underlying skills and abilities. Once you understand and recognise these, you can develop them and make yourself more effective.

Skills analysis: It is little use to come up with cliche descriptions of your skills such as 'organising', 'teaching', 'analysing' leadership', etc You must take these apart. Ask yourself why you can claim these skills. What does 'organising' entail? How did you do it? What basic abilities did you bring to bear? While carrying out this analysis, you will become aware of certain personal qualities, such as persistence, understanding broad principles, empathy, patience, creativity, determination, obstinacy, audience awareness, reticence, etc Once an understanding has been gained of skills, qualities, and acquired experience, knowledge and techniques, most people readily appreciate that these can be assembled in an assortment of packages suitable for a much wider range of job opportunities than they previously had realised.

They recognise that a job title has often been a barrier to their search. What they must seek to find out is the job content - the tasks and the activities involved in achieving what an employer requires to be done. Only then can you factually and cogently promote yourself as the candidate best suited for the position. A personal audit: A thorough personal audit is the foundation for practical self-marketing.

Obviously, alone, it will not ensure your future employment. However, you must organise your time to carry this out properly and allow for regular reviews. This will take more time than you imagine Making contact: So you can do a good job.

What then is the problem? Some employer must give you a job? Why? Because you need or want one? Certainly not. He will offer you a job because he wants it done and he is convinced on available evidence that you are the best candidate amongst those of whom he is aware. You may be the best candidate, but if he does not know of your existence, how can he offer you the vacancy? When people buy a product, they are interested in what it will do for them and whether they can afford it. They buy what modern salesmen call 'benefits'. Your market Once you know your product (yourself), you must see it in terms of benefit to the potential employer.

Your next task is to identify your market. This essential task also requires effective use of time and effort. You must research the internet, jobsites and company websites and also think of other Google Searches that might give you other sites of interest, Chambers of Trade, Development Authorities, business acquaintances (business and personal), try making contacts on sites like LinkedIn, start tweeting, anything to widen your personal communications network. You cannot afford to expect the market to identify itself to you - you, yourself, must make a plan to search for it and to do it well.

As A Good Digital Marketing Man, You Know You Must Use Your

As a good digital marketing man, you know you must use your understanding of the communication spectrum if you are to influence the action, i.e r

Only After An Exchange Of Information Will An Understanding Of How Far

Only after an exchange of information will an understanding of how far the candidate is likely to meet the interviewer's needs begin to be established.

The Potential Applicant. The Majority Of Management Vacancies Are Filled Through Some

The potential applicant. The majority of management vacancies are filled through some form of recommendation; considerably less than half are even ad