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  • Hands-on experience in the industry can be crucial in securing a job … as is flexibility. Get experience in different areas and be willing to travel....get into insurance
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Only After An Exchange Of Information Will An Understanding Of How Far

Only after an exchange of information will an understanding of how far the candidate is likely to meet the interviewer's needs begin to be established. Then can be decided what is the best course of action to follow at the interview. Your task is to demonstrate how you match the employer's requirements. For this, you must understand his problem, which you can only find out by asking him / her pertinent questions, based on your earlier research and what he himself will tell you. Equally, do not volunteer information about yourself which he is not seeking.

At best, you will only bore him / her. Answer his questions with integrity, but stick to what he wants to know about you, not what you think he ought to want to know.

Getting yourself organised: You have a business to manage. In digital marketing yourself work normal business hours and keep to them. Organise your resources. Keep your administration up to date (LinkedIn profile, email etc). Develop your product (yourself). Clean up your facebook profile, mad party scenes will put any employer off.

Approach three new sources for possible leads to companies with vacancies each week. Plan how to use every opportunity to obtain information about companies who invite you to an interview. List the information you need.

The Potential Applicant. The Majority Of Management Vacancies Are Filled Through Some

The potential applicant. The majority of management vacancies are filled through some form of recommendation; considerably less than half a

Why Waste Both Your And The Potential Employer's Time When You Can

Why waste both your and the potential employer's time when you can yourself establish that the job is not for you? You

(a) Analysis And Interpretation Of Relevant Information Developed From Updated Data Concerning:

(a) Analysis and interpretation of relevant information developed from updated data concerning: (i) the prospective employer; (ii) competition to be expecte