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As A Good Digital Marketing Man, You Know You Must Use Your

As a good digital marketing man, you know you must use your understanding of the communication spectrum if you are to influence the action, i.e receive a suitable offer of employment. You must achieve the following. ? CREATE awareness in the market that you are available. ? ROUSE interest in yourself as a possible candidate think online, think viral ? EVALUATE whether the vacancy meets your basic requirements.

? ASSESS whether you have the essential skills to carry out the tasks involved. ? TEST whether you and the employer can reach a mutually acceptable arrangement. ? ENSURE that an offer made by a potential employer is acceptable to you.

? SATISFY the employer and yourself after your engagement. Creating awareness: What is the problem behind the problem? An employer with a vacancy wants the best candidate he can afford. Like you, he has a problem in contacting suitable candidates. Few seekers after employment appreciate that this initial step is even harder for the employer than for more of your limited time and allowing yourself to risk further bruising of your ego. At the interview: Remember that an interview is part of a negotiating process.

You are not a 'beggar with a bowl'. You are appearing as a favour to the interviewer, offering a solution to his problem. Realise that an interview needs planning by both parties. Each should understand clearly the objectives and stages through which it must progress. An interview is an opportunity for both parties to exchange information and to gain knowledge. It requires the interviewer and the interviewee to listen as well as talk.

Only After An Exchange Of Information Will An Understanding Of How Far

Only after an exchange of information will an understanding of how far the candidate is likely to meet the interviewer's needs begin to be established. Then c

The Potential Applicant. The Majority Of Management Vacancies Are Filled Through Some

The potential applicant. The majority of management vacancies are filled through some form of recommendation; considerably less than h

Why Waste Both Your And The Potential Employer's Time When You Can

Why waste both your and the potential employer's time when you can yourself establish that the job is not for you? You are only wasting Re